How many can we feed?

Our Mission

Ripple Farms has brought Canada's First Urban Farming Unit to The Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto. In business, Ripple operates as a Social Enterprise and is dedicated to putting people before profits. Our mission is to provide customers with nutrient-rich, locally produced food.

Our purpose is to reconnect urban populations with food by engaging people through hands-on workshops and educational material. Our Aim is to tackle food security one meal at a time. With our systems, there is no longer a need to have produce shipped thousands of kilometres when we can produce it right here on Canadian soil.

97% Resource Efficiency

< 50km


365 days per year

What we can grow

Arugula Microleaf | Buttercrunch Lettuce | Chard Flamingo | Frisee Endive
Little Gem Lettuce | Mustard Sprouts | Purple Basil | Sunflower Sprouts


Evergreen Brickworks