Growing Purpose

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to reconnect urban populations with food by engaging people through hands-on workshops and educational material. Our aim is to tackle food insecurity one meal at a time - ‘How Many People Can We Feed?’
‘Always be innovating’ - from technological innovations that make our operations more efficient/productive to Biological innovations that push the boundaries of biomimicry - Ripple Farms looks to influence the industry in a positive way, partnering with institutions and like-minded organizations to become industry leaders.
With less than 2% of our population looking at the Agriculture industry as a viable career path, and the average age of Canadian Farmers being 52, we see education as a necessary tool to inspire future generations. We are at a critical point in time with external factors (political, economic, social, environmental) hindering the progression of self-sustaining food systems - whether it be Agri-tech, Vertical Farming, Soil-Based, Permaculture, Market Garden, or simply growing your own food at home to sustain yourself/family, we need to inspire and innovate.
Food systems are changing and there is a lot of new information on the market every day, often times making it harder for consumers to make informed decisions on what local food really means. Ripple Farms believes the solution is ‘Traceability’ - knowing where your food comes from, who’s growing it, and most importantly what’s going into your food - only then can consumers make an informed decision.

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